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Random thoughts from Wenderflonia

There isn’t much time in the day to do much else.  We are getting there slowly but surely, and although it feels like time stands still, we are marching forward.  I believe that is loads better than waiting.


I am at a point where I am just enjoying the time watching my littlest grow and trying to keep up with the teenager.  Life in our house is moving faster than I can keep up and I don’t want to miss it.


A new realization hit me.  We are undeniably aging.  I am getting into a habit of listing all my aches and pains….. Who does that?  OLD PEOPLE!  ohhhh no……


I have learned this month that patience is not one of my virtues and the older we get the more complicated things become.  For no reason!


It always baffled me that people tend to describe me as a laid back and easy going person.  How is this possible?  I am 90% of the time wound up, anxious, obsessive and very much not in a relaxed state.  I can best be described as randomly neurotic.


My kids are adorable!


Randomly and neurotically yours,










Studio Sunday

In The Studio


Despite the excruciating heat and laziness brought on by summer, I have managed a little time in the studio.  Painting will always be my first love but recently I’ve been toying with the idea of “mixed media’ing up” a piece of furniture.  As coincidence would have it, I found this beauty in my neighbors trash pile!  (Oh yes! Wenders went dumpster diving.)

Atop this old school microwave stand is some of the “media” I uesd to create this:

I am still debating on whether I wanted to sell this piece or not.  It is being put to good use as a bedside table for the time being.  Which is making me lean toward keeping it and making more more more!

p.s. If my neighbor just happens to be reading this, I really did knock on your door to ask if I could.  You didn’t answer so…well, you know the rest.


Other fabulous projects going on in the studio are all about photography.  Which is leading to many exciting adventures!  I LOVE capturing the happiest times and events in peoples lives.  I also LOVE LOVE getting paid for it too. Therefore, I occasionally take photographer gigs.  Now that Jude is getting older, is weaned and can be away from mommy for more than 5 seconds, I am hoping to take more. Currently, all proceeds are being filtered into the purchasing of more kick ass cameras and  camera equipment fund.  Please help an addict out and give me a shout for your next wedding, birthday, or exciting event!

Where to find the photographer of awesomeness…

The amazing Wenderflonia team (ok, my awesome Simon) is creating a separate website to exclusively feature my photography, sevices and prints. will be more about the blog and life as an artist in general with links to all the places to find me.  I am really excited about this venture and the branching of my Wenderflonia Empire….muahahahaha.

There are other aspects of photography that I am itching for more time to explore as well.  The Idea of incorporating photos and mixed media art has been someting I have experimented with lately.  Time and inspiration willing I hope to do more.

This is the latest of this type of work:  here and here


Love you, mean it,



News from the Texartica!

Talk about 70 to nuthin’ in no time flat.  We were wearing shorts and frolicking around the neighborhood a few short days ago and today everything came to a freezing stand still.  Everything was canceled and we had ourselves a snow day and maybe a few more to follow.  Temps were as low as 11 Fahrenheit.  That’s pretty cold for us southerners!  I dont have any fabulous pics to share because we stayed holed up today but I assure you we got the call that school and work was canceled for Wednesday and I will venture out with the camera and capture the goings on in the freeeezing cold.

Since BFS was home I was able to spend a good amount of time in the studio and I am pleased with the result!

I can’t wait tio get the ball rolling on all the new ideas I have!  Looks like I can still be inspired in the cold.

Love on ice,


StuStuStudio Sunday

First off, I totally apologize for the crappy quality of the photos.  I took them with my iphone and am not sure what I did to deserve such low quality photos.  They usually aren’t this bad! Right!?  However, I really wanted to show proof of my re-inspiration.  It has been forever since I painted.  It felt so good to get glue and paint all over me and ruin a new shirt.  Ahhh good times.  A few weeks ago I had nuthin’…..I was creatived out…. I was meagerly surviving on photoshop tutorials and editing old photos to sustain my creative urges.  Then the artistic force hit me like a ton of bricks.  I think it was the “fake spring” that did it.  The weather has been sunny and warm here in the Metroplex and all I wanted to do was take walks and play with paint.  I had several burst of inspirations that have been rumbling around in my noggin and finally put something on canvas.  The weather is supposed to return to cold and wet so we shall see how this influences studio time.

I really wish the quality was better but you get the idea.  I painted!  I also experimented with adding photos to my paintings.  The first photo is “in progress” and has many more layers to go but the bottom birdie one is complete.  I love the colors and the vagueness of the background. Surely I will post some better photos….say…next exciting Studio Sunday. Ok, sounds good…

Over and Out


Free Shipping!

The Holidays are here and it is time to find some of my sweet, painting babies a home!  For the entire month of December, there will be free shipping on all original artwork!  Order soon and I will guarantee to get it to you before Christmas. I’m sure Grandma, Wife or Mom would love a darling birdie for the family room….hallway….kitchen…. Click here to go directly to my shop or follow the link on the main page.  More shop news to come so check back soon!

Tis the season for much love,


Hey, I was a featured artist…. by Dianne Sammons

Hey, I was a featured artist on my friend and fellow artisan Dianne Sammons’ blog.  Interviewed and everything.  How cool is that?!  I seriously suggest you check her and her work out.  You seriously won’t be disappointed.

have art, will travel

Last year was the year I woke up from the cloudy, fuzzy existence I had  been living in for a long long time.  Actually, I believe I’ve lived in this fog most of my life, with occasionally moments of clarity, but last year was an eye opener.  Without running down the entire list of last year’s event’s, one of the most important was the day that an old friend asked me to paint her a painting and said she would even PAY me.  WOW!  I blogged about starting such a scary task (here and here).  This quickly started a whole chain of events that led to many paintings and commission jobs that are now proof that I AM a real artist.  One commission in particular has/is/was a joy to do.  This huge painting has also been hanging on my wall  until the “client”, a.k.a. best childhood pal Stacy, and I could get together in person.  Stacy is, btw, super awesome, fabulous, owns and operates her very successful company, and is a very busy lady.  I never minded one bit that we have had to put off several meetings, because I got to hang her beautiful paining on my wall.  This has been since  October. (see past blog  here, here and here ).  I have stared at this painting many times and felt inspired and blessed that I get to live my dream.

Fast forward and sappy stuff aside,  the time has finally come to deliver the painting I have now christened  “The Eleventh Hour”.  I am so excited to take a business trip to San Antonio close to where Stacy lives.  And by business trip I mean my favorite aunt and I are having a girlie get-away weekend full of Riverwalking, Art Gallery’ing, Shopping and Fun Time Having Weekend…all tax deductible, I am sure.  We will meet my “client” for possibly a delicious lunch or something, and see if she is kidnappable…errr…wants to tag along.  Regardless, I am super excited about this weekend as it has been a long time since I’ve had a fun “get out of town” weekend.  Baby J gets to tag along too.   I don’t mind; he doesn’t eat much.

I know many of you who already know about it are also anxious to have this painting finally delivered since I won’t post a picture until it is in her hands.  Until then… here is the last sneak peek…

Wenderflonia and Company will be invading San Antonio soon.  Be afraid people.  Very afraid!

Live Life Imagined

prints will be reformatted to fit upon placing order.

On the Fence

“Fences are made for those who cannot fly.”

~Elbert Hubbard

Just saying.

Bread on the Table

Rusty's Birds - 36"x48"  Mixed Media on Canvas

Many artists I know shy away from commission work unless they must strive to be less starving and more artist.  Personally, I find that doing a commission piece is challenging, yet nerve wracking.  There is always the fear that your best isn’t good enough for the client.  However, there is also a sense of satisfaction when you can provide someone with a custom piece of your soul that they had a hand in helping build.  This is especially true when you can (hopefully) create inspiring pieces for someone who is already inspiring and creative themselves.  I recently had the pleasure to do so for a good friend and musician extraordinaire.   This was to be a gift from his wonderful wife Sarah to be hung in their Piano Room.   I’ve known Rusty for many years and hope that I captured something that is special to him and his awesome family.  I don’t usually post pics of all my commission works because I believe they are special to the client and their privilege to promote if they choose to do so, but this painting was special and I almost didn’t want to hand it over.