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A trip back home

I prayed for twenty years but received no answer until I prayed with my legs.  ~Frederick Douglass, escaped slave

Visited back home the other day and this sign caught my eye.  I used to drive by this sign every day.  As I drive by  and stopped to take a picture I had a realization.  I see the deterioration this sign has gone through over the years, the church has long gone and deteriorated as many country churches do.  It made me sad yet I realized that if we don’t maintain these places ourself then they will fall apart, that He wants us to actually do the hard work.

Peace and Love,


Wordless Wednesday – Wedding Montage

Thank you Eric and Bre for allowing me to capture your day

Procrastination and avoidance I wage war on thee


Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.

                             ~William James

So many things to do and keep track of.  I have got to get a better system of some kind.  I really wish I was secretly one of those super organized people I have such a hard time getting along with but alas I am exactly the opposite.  Mad geniuses are usually bad spellerers and chronically disorganized, right?   (Of course Wendy!  You are fabulourus in your spellering and disorgizations)




So, what is the key to stop avoiding all the things I avoid?  Why do I keep putting off the things I put off?  These are precisely the things I plan to soul search in depth tomorrow.


Yours with lack of willpower,




Studio Sunday

In The Studio


Despite the excruciating heat and laziness brought on by summer, I have managed a little time in the studio.  Painting will always be my first love but recently I’ve been toying with the idea of “mixed media’ing up” a piece of furniture.  As coincidence would have it, I found this beauty in my neighbors trash pile!  (Oh yes! Wenders went dumpster diving.)

Atop this old school microwave stand is some of the “media” I uesd to create this:

I am still debating on whether I wanted to sell this piece or not.  It is being put to good use as a bedside table for the time being.  Which is making me lean toward keeping it and making more more more!

p.s. If my neighbor just happens to be reading this, I really did knock on your door to ask if I could.  You didn’t answer so…well, you know the rest.


Other fabulous projects going on in the studio are all about photography.  Which is leading to many exciting adventures!  I LOVE capturing the happiest times and events in peoples lives.  I also LOVE LOVE getting paid for it too. Therefore, I occasionally take photographer gigs.  Now that Jude is getting older, is weaned and can be away from mommy for more than 5 seconds, I am hoping to take more. Currently, all proceeds are being filtered into the purchasing of more kick ass cameras and  camera equipment fund.  Please help an addict out and give me a shout for your next wedding, birthday, or exciting event!

Where to find the photographer of awesomeness…

The amazing Wenderflonia team (ok, my awesome Simon) is creating a separate website to exclusively feature my photography, sevices and prints. will be more about the blog and life as an artist in general with links to all the places to find me.  I am really excited about this venture and the branching of my Wenderflonia Empire….muahahahaha.

There are other aspects of photography that I am itching for more time to explore as well.  The Idea of incorporating photos and mixed media art has been someting I have experimented with lately.  Time and inspiration willing I hope to do more.

This is the latest of this type of work:  here and here


Love you, mean it,



Sorry about the Blogcation…




It has been a while since I had to write the “I hang my head in shame for being such a bad blogger” post.  Jeez, has it really been since Easter!?  I suppose It has.  So here I sit, hanging head in shame, admitting I am a bad blogger.  Here is my defense in bullet formation.

  • It has been one crazy busy summer.  We have gallivanted all over the state doing tons of fun and exciting things.  Ok, ok fun things I could have easily blogged about and posted amazing pictures… fine.
  • It has been horrifically hot.  I think it might be breaking a serious law or commandment for even saying this but, I HATE TEXAS!  I am sooo sick of 110 degree ovenlike heat.  We actually were the lucky ones here in North Texas and got most of the rain in the early part of the summer, but now it is ridiculously hot and it does things to my motivation…bad things!
  • The tiny one turns me into a pile of brain numbing mush by the end of the day.  Most days I refuse to get out of bed until the 16 month-old forces me to (or I smell coffee).  Then it is go, go, go entertainment all day.  At the end of the day when there is finally a moment for myself, I am barely fit for human conversation.  Love that little guy but he is wearing me out these days.  I was due for a break of some kind so I took it out on my blog.

And the most important reason why I have been a bad  blogger  is….

  • I am, is, are, was, were lazy.  That is all. Nuff said.
There you have it.  I will vow to be a better blogger.
So what have we been doing?
Parker graduated the Eight Grade and will be in High School!
We also went to the zoo a few times, took a family vacation to South Padre Island, had a great 4th of July with family, I went on a road trip with my mom and aunts, went to Scarborough Fair….and much much more.  here are a few more images of the summer so far.
And that my friends is our summer very briefly in pictures…. well some of it anyway.  There have been plenty of other stuff like diapers, fits, dirty dishes, backyard mayhem, work, and work avoidance etc.  I will be more vigilant in updating regularly again.  Especially because there are many exciting things happening in the studio!  I will save that for the next post, but until then check this out:
Glad to be back!