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"8x8" Mixed Media on Canvas "Birdie 1" SOLD


"8x8" Mixed Media on Canvas "Birdie 2" $40 (+ s&h)


"8x8" Mixed Media on Canvas "Birdie 3" SOLD

I am really enjoying working on a smaller and simpler scale.  These little Birds remind me of quilts my grandmothers made and collected.  They withstood many harsh treatments by grandkids and time.  These pieces are mixed media on museum quality canvas (8x8x1.5),  so the paintings should hold up to posterity as well.



I suppose this new whimsical direction has taken flight from thoughts of decorating for the nursery.  I am a few weeks shy of being 7 months now and I can definitely see that babies and pregnancy has definitly influenced my work as of late.  For example:


"24x30" Mixed Media on Canvas "Universe" SOLD



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It has been so hard getting into the groove lately.  I am looking for inspiration and keep hitting a wall.  I know that with this sweet child kicking around in my belly I should be seeing sunshine and daisies where ever I look.  However, I’m just seeing meanness and dark skies.  There has been so much unilateral thinking staining my path lately, and find I must seek comfort and wisdom in what is greater than I.

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. ~Mother Teresa