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Windmill City and Spring



Spring is here!  We just got back from a spring break trip to visit my parents in my hometown in West Texas.  It is always nice to regroup and spend some time in the country during spring time.  Which is the only time West Texas is pretty in my opinion.  It was nice seeing all my favorite plants in bloom and more fruit trees being planted.  Jude absolutely loved being outside and he exhausted me and my mom with his obsessive need to slide on the big kids slide and swing set.  I wish I’d taken pictures now but I was on a camera sabbatical.  Parker had fun catching up with old friends, riding the gocart and catching up with old friends.



Now we are back home and trying to settle into some sort of routine.  Easier said than done!  So far studio time on Tuesdays and Thursdays is working well.  Jude is still settling into preschool (i.e. still cries like crazy when I leave him) and I have managed to complete one commission job and start a few paintings.  I also have a house full of furniture and other various non canvas items to paint and get creative with.   So much so that I am toying with the idea of renting a booth in one of our local junk/antique shops to sell some of my custom painted furniture.  Just toying with the idea mind you.   I have a bit more than I can digest right now but it is on the back burner.  I think Wenderflonia Studios has suchgreat potential and I am feeling a burst of creative spirit.  Now to find the energy and organization it will take to keep things going.  That is a tall order right now but it is one day at a time.


In other news. I am really looking forward to an upcoming girlfriend retreat.  Two of my dear friends and I are running away from our kids and menfolk for a much needed weekend of relaxation and retreat.  Can you say spa treatments!?  Woo hoo!  This will be exactly what I need to meditate and regroup.


Love and stuff,