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crazy town

It has been awhile since I’ve posted, and I’m impatient with the photos (all most excellent) taking forever to upload.  So I’m trying to think of a clever topic to broach or discuss.  Since it is against my religion to discuss politics and most would run me out of town anyway, I’ll keep silent.

There is a signature phrase that my mother always uses that keeps coming to mind.  “Things are crazy here.”, is what she says to every one she is sorry she hasn’t kept in better touch with.  It’s is always funny because it is true.  It seems that life never slows down for a minute (it would be kind of scary and apocalyptic if it did).  Well, that is what I feel like saying.  “Everything is crazy here” and I mean that with all my heart!  Sorry I haven’t kept in touch.  There are great pictures comming……eventually



Calla Lilly







Another Monday

I wish I had more to say lately, but I just don’t.  Everything is hanging in limbo and I am trying to have patience.  I kinds of feel my garden babies are feeling the same way.  So many are still hanging around in pots, eagerly awaiting a new home.  Without breaking into tears and regaling a sob story, I just am ready to move.  Having to spin back and forth is making the week days really suck, and general motivation to get the everyday things done is becoming a hard thing to muster.

Until then, I  and the plants will just have to stay watered and appreciate the sunshine.  My poor peppers and tomatoes are having survival confusion.  One day, they look great, and I even have some peppers and tomatoes harvesting now.  Yet, some days they look as if they are ready to hand themselves over to the wind, and bugs.  Some really are looking really straggly.  I haven’t seen a huge amount of growth with the peppers and one of my poor tomato plant looks done in.  Alas, all I can do is be patient and wait.

I guess that is the lesson, isn’t it?  patience, patience, patience.  Until I find the Impatients, here are some roses.