Painting Toward the Finish Line

I love and hate completing a painting.  I find I’m already dreaming of the next masterpiece, but at the same time, have grown so attached to the current one.  I’m especially loving the latest commission painting, now in the finishing up phase, and will be so sad to see it go.  Especially since it would look so fabulous hanging on my wall!   However, I know she  is going to the best home possible and will be loved and cherished.  How silly this may sound to some, but they obviously have never poured their time, energy, and spirit into creating something with love. My creations are so meaningful to me and I put everything I have into it.  I guess this is why doing commission work is so stressful because you really do have to work to please the customer.  I just hope Stacy is pleased with her tree.  I am thinking a road trip is in order to deliver the goods.  Not only will it be cheaper than shipping, but it will be a great opportunity to catch up with good friends!  Here is a sneak peak of the big mama:



I think this will be the last of mega huge paintings for a while. The next two commission paintings I am about to start will be only medium huge (still huge in fabulousness tho).   I also have so many ideas for my upcoming work that I wish I could just lock myself up in a studio for a few weeks.

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