News from the Texartica!

Talk about 70 to nuthin’ in no time flat.  We were wearing shorts and frolicking around the neighborhood a few short days ago and today everything came to a freezing stand still.  Everything was canceled and we had ourselves a snow day and maybe a few more to follow.  Temps were as low as 11 Fahrenheit.  That’s pretty cold for us southerners!  I dont have any fabulous pics to share because we stayed holed up today but I assure you we got the call that school and work was canceled for Wednesday and I will venture out with the camera and capture the goings on in the freeeezing cold.

Since BFS was home I was able to spend a good amount of time in the studio and I am pleased with the result!

I can’t wait tio get the ball rolling on all the new ideas I have!  Looks like I can still be inspired in the cold.

Love on ice,


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