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Studio Sunday… pulled in so many directions!!!

What a weekend so far!  So many plans for a new and improved Wenderflonia are flowing through my head.  I feel the creative spark just igniting within.  I just wish my time management issues and organizational skills were equally “sparky”.  Being a stay at home mom AND trying to build a creative empire is TOUGH!  So it goes without saying that my workspace gets a little chaotic at the moment!

I can’t even tell you what is going on in this photo except that it is a big mess!!  (You don’t even want to see the table behind it either!) As you can see, there are so many exciting new projects I am working on it is hard to keep them all straight!

One exciting adventure you can look for soon is a new direction I am taking with some of my work.  There will be announcements soon about a spinoff of Wenderflonia Studios which will branch out specifically with photography.  There will even be a whole seperate store!….Speaking of the Wenderflonia store, that is also about to get a whole new look and home as well…..  but that I will save for another day.

In the mean time here is a little taste of what I am working on.

This piece is a limited “Print and Paint” series I am doing on commission. … and that is all the details I can give for now….the sleepless one awakes…. BTW, does anyone have any tips on what to do with an insomniac one year old?! 🙂

Love you forever,


StuStuStudio Sunday

First off, I totally apologize for the crappy quality of the photos.  I took them with my iphone and am not sure what I did to deserve such low quality photos.  They usually aren’t this bad! Right!?  However, I really wanted to show proof of my re-inspiration.  It has been forever since I painted.  It felt so good to get glue and paint all over me and ruin a new shirt.  Ahhh good times.  A few weeks ago I had nuthin’…..I was creatived out…. I was meagerly surviving on photoshop tutorials and editing old photos to sustain my creative urges.  Then the artistic force hit me like a ton of bricks.  I think it was the “fake spring” that did it.  The weather has been sunny and warm here in the Metroplex and all I wanted to do was take walks and play with paint.  I had several burst of inspirations that have been rumbling around in my noggin and finally put something on canvas.  The weather is supposed to return to cold and wet so we shall see how this influences studio time.

I really wish the quality was better but you get the idea.  I painted!  I also experimented with adding photos to my paintings.  The first photo is “in progress” and has many more layers to go but the bottom birdie one is complete.  I love the colors and the vagueness of the background. Surely I will post some better photos….say…next exciting Studio Sunday. Ok, sounds good…

Over and Out