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My Week Without Facebook.

It was a much needed productive week in Wenders’ world this week.  Mental clarity reigns supreme and all it took was a social media cleanse.  Just in case you didn’t know, I am kinda, sorta (am absolutely) addicted to Facebook, Twitter, and Google Reader (which is overfilled with an unmanageable amount of blogs). However, I stayed off all week….Ok, there were a few exceptions when I needed to contact a friend or family member and Facebook was the easiest mode of contact.  However, I did not tweet once and I only looked at my reader once, twice…maybe three times….Whatever, anyway, I even stood strong when I received phone calls imploring me to return immediately (xoxo dear friends).   So what did I do in the mean time!?

First, I went through a bit of hardcore withdrawals.  I’m not going to lie, DT shakes might have been involved.  Even though I managed to get through the rest of the week just fine I still had this very odd need to tell someone what I was doing all day no matter how mundane.  At this time, I would like to thank my BFF and BFS for putting up with all the boring texts that involved taking out the trash, informing when I started a new painting, what book I was reading or what cute thing Jude was doing at that very moment…..ok you get the picture.  The truly odd effect was I started thinking in status updates or played the game of what would I tweet now.  In the end, I learned that I really missed informing people of the boring, trivial parts of my day.

Secondly, I did a lot of reading and soul searching.  I must say my favorite read so far has been The art of Non-Conformity.  This book has really knocked my socks off and helped jump start my “thinking about stuff” mode.  As author Chris Guillebeau put it, I was doing some “unremarkably average” things and that shook me to the core.  I realized I was still living part of my life ever day to follow status quo…..and that is definitely not me.  My ideas are big, my personality is big and I would say my bravery factor is higher than most. Despite all that, there are still parts of me that are resisting.   Don’t be mistaken, I do believe I have a good start at a very fulfilling art career and I adore my life.  However, I am ready to take it to the super sized level! <insert a hell yes! and a fist pump here>

So all week I have worked on mapping out a plan for Wenders’ Wenderflonian Empire!  I have a business plan started, and a budget outlined, and the frame work to open a new line of photography and prints, and one year goal lists, and 5 year lists, and just for fun lists, and even a grocery list…. ok lots of lists.  But the doing is not in the making of the lists.  Many people spend a life time making lists.  My lists are lists of action.  The only thing that stands in the way are misguided priorities and fear…and I ain’t afeart no more…well mostly…but I am at the ready.  There will be no sitting around on this.  That being said….I still like lists…

Here is an example of a few things I put on my Life’s List of Goals List.

  • For our children to be happy secure and not burdened by the cumbersome limitations society tries to imbed in their beautifully open brains.  Go forth and rule the world my childrens!
  • To have financial freedom to travel at will, cover our meager bills and be a successful artist who keeps evil supervisors at bay. And in doing so, still save for a secure old age where we are not a financial burden.
  • To continue on the exciting road of life (for at least a half century) with BFS who brings out the very best of me.
  • To regain the elasticity of skin that I once had as a youth…ok there has to be at least one unrealistic goal…right!?
  • But definitely, for sure absolute, to treat my body the way it deserves is top priority.  Mainly because it is the vessel that I have to use to keep me grounded on this plane of existence for the aforementioned half century plus.  My ass is living to 100 and more.  I have things to do!

(This list is noway, nohow in entirety.  These are just a few of the biggies that I felt necessary to share  in order  to complete the point.)

What I desire is not excessive nor is it unrealistic. In fact, most of these things are already in motion.  I think that is what gives me the greatest belief of success.  If I prioritize things by what is most important then I am unstoppable… already am unstoppable.  Redirecting my energy into more positive channels is not a new concept for me but it feels good to go full heartily with the support coming from where it really matters and finally being able to let go of the fear of disappointing those that it really doesn’t matter anyway.

So how does this all tie into staying off of social media?  Like I said, the above musings are not new concepts, nor am I currently living an unpleasant existence.  In fact, my life is better than anyone could ask for.  I’m just looking to tweak it and ensure that it only gets better.  What I also know is that I have a highly addictive personality and tend to over-do many an unhealthy habit and Facebook especially became an outlet for ALL of my social activities.  I am foremost a stay at home mommy for baby J and a notorious hermit when I give into my introverted self.  Yet, the extrovert will escape in any way possible and social media is like gold for me.  Not that it is a bad thing except that I was feeling too cloudy and not communicating with the real world nearly enough.  Too many negatrons on the internetrons I suppose.

In the end, I will definitely return to Facebook and twitter.  Most everyone that I love and care about engages in some way or another there, and it also appeals to my voyeuristic and exhibitionist sides….ok, mainly because I am a raging narcissist :-))) Yet, it is definitely time to clean house again.  Going through that friends list and determining if there is any inherent value in keeping a person active in my life seems a bit harsh but necessary.

In the week without social media, I realized It was time to get my canvases in a row and really commit..I mean reallly commit to the future of my life, family, and artistry.  A time of inward reflection really was what I needed.  I definitely feel, without a doubt, that getting rid of the static that these networks provide for a week really opened up a rusty frequency of true self reflection.

That being said, it is also not good to live too internally.  Finding a healthy balance between outward and inward me is in full swing.  and I think that is all I have to say about all that.

Love and Clarity,