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have art, will travel

Last year was the year I woke up from the cloudy, fuzzy existence I had  been living in for a long long time.  Actually, I believe I’ve lived in this fog most of my life, with occasionally moments of clarity, but last year was an eye opener.  Without running down the entire list of last year’s event’s, one of the most important was the day that an old friend asked me to paint her a painting and said she would even PAY me.  WOW!  I blogged about starting such a scary task (here and here).  This quickly started a whole chain of events that led to many paintings and commission jobs that are now proof that I AM a real artist.  One commission in particular has/is/was a joy to do.  This huge painting has also been hanging on my wall  until the “client”, a.k.a. best childhood pal Stacy, and I could get together in person.  Stacy is, btw, super awesome, fabulous, owns and operates her very successful company, and is a very busy lady.  I never minded one bit that we have had to put off several meetings, because I got to hang her beautiful paining on my wall.  This has been since  October. (see past blog  here, here and here ).  I have stared at this painting many times and felt inspired and blessed that I get to live my dream.

Fast forward and sappy stuff aside,  the time has finally come to deliver the painting I have now christened  “The Eleventh Hour”.  I am so excited to take a business trip to San Antonio close to where Stacy lives.  And by business trip I mean my favorite aunt and I are having a girlie get-away weekend full of Riverwalking, Art Gallery’ing, Shopping and Fun Time Having Weekend…all tax deductible, I am sure.  We will meet my “client” for possibly a delicious lunch or something, and see if she is kidnappable…errr…wants to tag along.  Regardless, I am super excited about this weekend as it has been a long time since I’ve had a fun “get out of town” weekend.  Baby J gets to tag along too.   I don’t mind; he doesn’t eat much.

I know many of you who already know about it are also anxious to have this painting finally delivered since I won’t post a picture until it is in her hands.  Until then… here is the last sneak peek…

Wenderflonia and Company will be invading San Antonio soon.  Be afraid people.  Very afraid!