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Bread on the Table

Rusty's Birds - 36"x48"  Mixed Media on Canvas

Many artists I know shy away from commission work unless they must strive to be less starving and more artist.  Personally, I find that doing a commission piece is challenging, yet nerve wracking.  There is always the fear that your best isn’t good enough for the client.  However, there is also a sense of satisfaction when you can provide someone with a custom piece of your soul that they had a hand in helping build.  This is especially true when you can (hopefully) create inspiring pieces for someone who is already inspiring and creative themselves.  I recently had the pleasure to do so for a good friend and musician extraordinaire.   This was to be a gift from his wonderful wife Sarah to be hung in their Piano Room.   I’ve known Rusty for many years and hope that I captured something that is special to him and his awesome family.  I don’t usually post pics of all my commission works because I believe they are special to the client and their privilege to promote if they choose to do so, but this painting was special and I almost didn’t want to hand it over.