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Fall, Halloween and Purgatory

I hope everyone had an awesome Halloween.  Ours was great!.   The big kid ran around the neighborhood with friends and we parked the little one in front of the candy bowl.  We handed out bowl after bowl of sugary-over marketed goodness.  We attempted the trick or treat thing but it didn’t really work.  Jude was perfectly happy mooching out of our own candy bowl. Fall is officially my new favorite season. (I gave up on spring when we only got a few weeks of awesomeness and then it hit 100.)  Right now everything is cool crisp and changing colors!  It is beautiful and quiet here in suburban North Texas.  I’ve done little things here and there that I will try to blog about, but mostly the days have been filled with keeping up with the family.

As usual, I’m having energy problems. I dont have enough.  Sometimes our days can get hectic with everyone having such a crazy schedule.  I have to keep up wit hall of them and feel a little dizzy at times.  However, I am still trying to be more relaxed and let the holiday season roll up.  Next up…Thanksgiving….Oh gawd I am tired already! 😉  The season is upon is and there will be tons of things to get ready for…. Did I mention that I have an energy problem?

In the studio news…. Is there any?!  There are many things I wish I could be doing in my studio and in the garden right now; however, I feel like I am in limbo.  To spill the beans, we are in the process of buying some property that would allow for REAL studio space!  I can’t tell you how excited we are.  The snag is that, as with most of the real estate in our newer area, it is a short sale situation.  I don’t have the heart to explain the stress of a short sale, or what it even is if you don’t know, so here is a link.  I will let Wikipedia do the job.   Needless to say, purchasing this home has been a very stressful and long task.  I feel like we are in purgatory and nothing is getting done or progressing untill we have a closing date or even a final answer.  We are in the last stage right now where we are jsut waiting on final approval from the investors.  We are mainly trying to keep positive and hang in there and be patient… The patience thing is really hard!

So that is where we are at right now in Wenderflonia Land.  The holidays are coming up and am in the craft making mood.  I’ll get to blogging more.

On pins and needles, but still yours.