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Bread on the Table

Rusty's Birds - 36"x48"  Mixed Media on Canvas

Many artists I know shy away from commission work unless they must strive to be less starving and more artist.  Personally, I find that doing a commission piece is challenging, yet nerve wracking.  There is always the fear that your best isn’t good enough for the client.  However, there is also a sense of satisfaction when you can provide someone with a custom piece of your soul that they had a hand in helping build.  This is especially true when you can (hopefully) create inspiring pieces for someone who is already inspiring and creative themselves.  I recently had the pleasure to do so for a good friend and musician extraordinaire.   This was to be a gift from his wonderful wife Sarah to be hung in their Piano Room.   I’ve known Rusty for many years and hope that I captured something that is special to him and his awesome family.  I don’t usually post pics of all my commission works because I believe they are special to the client and their privilege to promote if they choose to do so, but this painting was special and I almost didn’t want to hand it over.


I  just wanted all my massive fan following (thanks mom) to know that Wenderflonia is going through a few changes.  This is in preparation for the landslide of orders for a Wenders’ Original Painting (thanks Courtney and Stacy).  I’ve added a home page that gives you the choice to visit the artist, blog, portfolio and hopefully to shop.  Although I haven’t added anything to it yet, in the near future, the portfolio/gallery and shopping link will be a place to showcase some of my original work, and a place for purchasing a piece of your very own.  Please stay tuned, and let me know if you like (or not) the new look.  Just be aware that there is still much to be done with menus, fonts and other very serious designy, web type stuff that I haven’t a clue about (thanks BFS).

In the mean time, I am furiously putting the finishing touches on the painting I’m delivering tomorrow, and preparing to start another commissioned piece for another tremendously fabulous lady.  Could this possibly be?! A real artist is ME?! (Glad you can’t see the super cool dance I’m doing right now.)