Artist’s Statement

Art begins with the emotion inside the artist.  Feelings and intuition go beyond talent and guides the artist to produce a work of art that is meaningful.  I have developed my visions and craft in a way that I hope guides people and inspires them to be thoughtful of the world around them in a unique way.

About the Artist

The ArtistsWendy Hudman was born and raised in Abilene, Texas.  She attended Texas Tech University as a studio art major for three years until the frustration of working to please the professor led her to different studies.  She eventually received her bachelors in Psychology.  After a very unsatisfying career in Casework, she continued her education by receiving her Masters of Education From Hardin-Simmons University.   During this time, she also spent her spare time traveling and discovering her world through her unique perspective of people and places.  She has a passion for gardening that has been handed down from generations of farmers.  She is also a mom of a preteen who is fun, creative and one of the coolest highlights of her life and is currently working on the gestational formation of another brilliant son.  As a person,Wendy is supposedly an interesting and quirky person. She has plenty of opinions and beliefs, and loves to listen to other people’s as well.  Wendy can easily frustrate people, however,  because she  hate to argue about those aforementioned beliefs and takes a non-partisan approach to life.  With all the crazy up’s and down’s of life, Wenders never has lost her passion for creation and appreciation of the arts.  She currently resides in the Dallas area with a house filled with eccentricity and creativity.

Wendy the Artist

Wendy is a mixed media painter/self-proposed photographer/artist who seeks to find a connection between emotional intuitiveness, meaning and art.  Using photography, acrylics, canvas, paper, and a multitude of other different materials, she creates pieces that spark the imagination. Her paintings and photographs not only appeal visually but also tell a story.  Wendy will gladly work on commission and posted original works are available for purchase at reasonable prices.

One last very important bit of business.  All photography or artistic images included within the posts will be created by the artist herself unless specified otherwise.  Please do not steal these images. Also note, when using an inspirational quotes within a photograph, credit will be given to the author and is public property, however, all images will be created by the artist.  Please do not steal these images.  They remain the property of Wendy and Wenderflonia Studios.  Inquires as to how to gain permission to use any images with credit to the artist or how to purchase prints of your very own are welcome. Link backs to blog posts are ok.

To contact Wendy, feel free to email her at superlady@wenderflionia.com.

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