Holy blog no more Batman!

Wow! I just realized it has been since November 1st since I last blogged.  I am so wrong for that!  Can I say that life has been crazy yet again?  How many times can one use that excuse?  Because I not only say it but hear it all the time as well.  No but seriously, It really has been crazy.  We had all the major holidays and the great Short Sale Hell of 2011 to contend with. As soon as the sea parted and the powers that be said we were good to go on buying “the house” we had whirlwind packamovathon.  Whew!  I am exhausted but managed to push back my 4th nervous breakdown.  Boxes are still piled in the garage, I still don’t know where half my stuff is but we have the skeleton of a real working studio!  Things are about to get great folks.  Wenderflonia is about to get her long awaited break.  Real workspace  AND office hours!  The little one starts part time child care and I am so nervous and excited.  I have so many wonderful things to share and will kick myself if I drop the ball again.  Until then.  Take a gander at the new casa.



See that big window in the front?  Yep, that’s the window to the beautiful studio with soaring ceilings and great acoustics.  Not that acoustics matter to me, but the teenage one just moved his keyboard in.  Looks like we all have to share the creative environment! 🙂


till next time


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